Sunday, May 29, 2011

Screenshot Series - Ep. 1 Allods Shields (League)

Well I thought about it and decided to start a miniseries of sorts. Each episode features some screenshots from a game on a certain subject. Chosen because I like that or that and so on. :P
So here's episode 1.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Operation Flashpoint: Red River - Damaging effects

Just a little destruction and bullet damage:
Supply crate explosion:

Frag Grenade:

Some bulletholes:

The M107 FMJ Sniper:

Also a supply crate explosion:

but strangely enough, the supply crate is a floor down from this room. So I guess that's a wierd bug with the triggerable building explosion. Still, it's better than nothing.
Better than the non-excistant effects in most of the games nowadays.

Monday, May 9, 2011


So, I've had a Paladin on a WoW private server for a long time now. He has been my main character for a long time there and I've really started to love what he represents in his essence and appearance. I remember how I amazed people with his gray hair and beard when I took of my helmet, no one really expected my character to look old I guess. :P
Anywho, I have also noticed that now, in other MMO's where I can also create a Paladin or something close to a Paladin, the Captain in Lord of The Rings Online for instance, I tend to create a character based of my WoW Paladin, Arkon. Now here is my Paladin from Allods, one of the most similar ones compared to my WoW Paladin. Possibly even an upgrade in terms of appearance? See for yourself. :P