Sunday, January 30, 2011

Moldys Opinion - Dark Messiah of Might and Magic

First of all, I'd like to mention that this game was a lot of fun.

The combat felt challenging, even on the lowest difficulty. Even though it had spiders... as an arachnofobe I really dislike spiders and the game had a good amount of spider-surprises ready for me.

One of the awesome and a bit annoying parts of the game were the monster dodging... where you are running for your life and have a fair share of close calls. Also... the monster boss fights were... again... awesome and yet a bit annoying.

My first move on character development was to get the stealth to max... and then be the "Terror of the Night" which... was awesome... The downside with my build... was that when ever I was spotted... it became a hard fight. As I was only using daggers, I wasn't really doing a lot of damage on head-to-head combat. Which made fighting spiders, a royal pain in the arse. Because you can't backstab them.

Now the drawbacks with this game were:
A. The loot is static... and it's exactly same on every playthrough... it just depends if you find it or not.
B. Although the game promotes choices in the game... for instance... there can be 4 different endings... the choices that actually matter... are... in the end... So... meh.

Also, the multiplayer... well... the multiplayer is actually good. But instead of the same skill customization... you have 5 different classes. All of them lvl during a match and you can unlock skills for the points you gain on lvling. Since the lvl resets on a new match... there is no real edge for the players who have played the Multiplayer more, except for skill of course.

I count Dark Messiah a good purchase and I recommend this game to anyone who would want a good first person action-RPG with a decent plot(oppinions may vary).

Monday, January 24, 2011

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 - First Impression

Well... I got my first crack at the game with awesome destruction. The most important thing for me. ^^
Anywho... 'twas an experience alright.
Well... the game is nice, but yet... feels a bit too iffy to call it awesome, for me at least.

I like how I can blow a hole in the wall if I need a quick exit out of the building. Blam with the grenade launcher and I've got a hole big enough to drive a car in, but yet... the grenades don't do the trick... the work at flingin enemy units around, but they don't like to make holes in the walls I guess... Too bad, I really like to lob fragmentation grenades.

The iffy factor is the graphix... to be more precise then... I mean the settings. The game's awesome and all, but... I can't fine-tune the graphix... it's kinda like in RoTA... but here you just have more detail lvls to use and you don't have to launch it with a separate .exe, but still... I can't just simply... turn of Anti-Aliasing or Vertical Sync... and so... I can't really get rid of all the lag.... A pitty....
The game stretches resolutions... so when I'm using a 1024x768 on my 1366x768 laptop screen, everything is WIDE... like... seriously...
Thanks to the fact that I want to avoid lagging, I have to use the general Low detail option, which makes everything so bleedin' blurry. When I blow my escape whole in the wall... I'm like... "Is there anyone outside of that hole or not." Because there's a blurry ass smoke cloud for about 10 seconds there.

The dialog sound is so bleedin' quiet...
Now I don't mind the effects being quite... fuck 'em... I like to see my explosions... not to hear 'em. I even raised the dialog sound to better hear to occasional comedy and the plot... but still... It's like... "I know the niggah just cracked a joke... but what the fuck did he say?"

The wierd thing is the plot... Now I don't mind the idea itself... fuck that... but the way it's executed... the checkpoints in between... the cinematic spots between the action... they feel random... rushed... the first mission feels like you're running from a dialog to a dialog... and occasionally "trip" on some enemies. The first combat tutorial with the knife was a bit confusing... you are slapped on the beach with your knife and nothing else... your buddies lead the way and suddenly you reach this point where 2 guards are waiting to be ambushed and knifed in the arse... all you are told is to take the left one... so I stepped up... presuming that as I had my knife in hand... I was mashing away with my mouse button 2 and 1 to hit... nothing...
The chinese soldier turned and started to attack when I finally noticed the "MMB knife" so I last minute killed the fooker... It kinda felt like I was playing Crysis... where you could just take a pan and go out to smack down the Korean fully armed soldiers. After that was a lot of running... at first without sprint... because they thought you won't want to sprint untill a later moment... shooting... with some WW2 guns... and then some plot iffyness... From my impression... this game tries hard to be badass... not sure if that really is so...

Well... that's about it... *salutes*

Here is the Pan/Pot vs Korean Soldier in Crysis video: