Sunday, December 12, 2010

Moldys Opinion - Final Fantasy XIV Online Beta part 2/2

Right, I promised to say something after I had played the game. Well let's get this over with.

It was shiny, it had the usual kinkyness one can find in a JRPG and well do I really need to say anything else?
Right, I didn't really focus on the game, I tried my best to get interested in it, but as it was in the beta stage, the lag was just HORRIBLEU. Combat looked good, although felt like turn-based combat. The story was... eh... riiight. And the general game look was... shiny.

That's about all I experienced... right before I shotgunned it off my computer.

Moldys Opinion - Space Siege Demo

So... I got bored and decided to try some demos. So here's one of those demos I deemed worthy of my time.

Space Siege Demo

Well, not much to say here. The demo was relatively short. It showed the basic features of the game: combat; destructible objects in the world; upgrade system and some guns.

The combat was ok, it was as good as a hack-n-slash shooter can be.
Then there was the upgrade system. You get scrap from defeated enemies and then use that scrap at the workbenches to create some skill items or upgrade your stats: armor, gun damage and so on.

Now an interesting feature is that you can replace your human limbs with robotic limbs, making you half cyborg. Also, some weapons require you to have some of those robot parts to use them.

A good game and this demo added it to my "To buy" list.

You can find the demo from fileplanet.
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