Thursday, October 14, 2010

Hall of Lulz 1

The Comedians: Ammolds von Lichenstein; Rien "Snugglekins" de Lacosta; Ian "Raydn" McHunt.

1. Ammolds: "We meet again Mr. Bond."
Snugglekins: WHO YA CALLIN BOND YA LIL' [Censored.]
Ammolds: The British Blocke behind you.
Snugglekins: Oh tha' asshat. OI YE THAR! GIT THA FACK OUTTA ME LAWN.

2. Ammolds: I'd like to see someone swim with a full-plate armor. He'd be a bloody submarine.

3. Ammolds: Well you're quite alone there.
Ammolds: Lonely loner in a lonesome world.

4. Snugglekins: You shouldn't even be able to wear full plate. As it took about three people plus you, to get it on you. Properly attatched and all.
Ammolds: Maybe he uses the magic of the player-controlled cursor and the inventory system.

5. Snugglekins: Going to pay a visit and preform my (not-so) daily sermon in the temple o' shit.

6. Snugglekins: I think I'm going to hate myself for it but I'll put Two Worlds on torrent since I'm just so bleedin' bored.
Ammolds: ...and so... fire rains from the sky and Hell freezes... *starts downloading Two Worlds*

7. Ammolds: Btw, have I linked you the 11 sec vid about the motion capture? Aka pike twirling
Snugglekins: *Shrug.* Pike twiling. *Chuckles.*

8. Ammolds: Oh and isn't she sexy *inserts 4chan* ((FFS, could you give me the 4chan))

9. Ammolds: But seriously... she's hot q.q ((FECK... q.q please))

10. Snugglekins: Oh. Two worlds finished.
Ammolds: Why you little... *strangles you with an Ox*

11. Ammolds: Just as long as he hasn't linked m- erm, I hear... the... hmm... Andraste is calling... *goes to WoW*
Snugglekins: Riiiight.

12. Ammolds: K, I was just being curious
Snugglekins: Curiosity killed the kitteh.
Ammolds: Right after the kitteh had ripped off curiosities balls.

13. Best movie porno titles:
1. ET: The Extra-Testicle
2. District 69
3. The Pursuit of Fappyness
4. Cloudy with a chance of Meat Shafts.
5. Brokeback Mount-him

14. Why is the girl from the last episode so clueless?:
1. Her mom fell down a flight of stairs when she was pregnant with her
2. Is she from Alaska..? That would explain part of it..
3. One word, brain damage
4. She clueless because she bought monopoly instead.
5. Because she be white

15. Ammolds: Prologue Beta Realm? or dev
Snugglekins: Are you a developer?
Ammolds: Yes... I developed my idiocratic mind.
Snugglekins: *Sagenod.*

16. Snugglekins: Stealthing isn't invisibility. IC wise.
Ammolds: Well... erm, vanish is a smokebomb?
Snugglekins: Well yes. BUT. You enter stealt afterwards. When you'd be on an open field. What gives? You can't just randomly turn invisible. In some dense woods or alike. Sure.
Ammolds: Maybe I had a hole ready nearby
Snugglekins: SUUUUUUUUURE.
Ammolds: Or maybe I stepped into a hole that I didn't know was there.
Ammolds: Or maybe the toothfairy came and whisped me away to the land of happy penguins.

17. Ammolds: Am I allowed to be drunk where ever and when ever I want?
Snugglekins: Is a grown man allowed to be drunk where ever and when ever he wants? Of course.
Ammolds: I was just making sure.
Snugglekins: It's a RP server. Not a nazi deathcamp.

18. Snugglekins: Humans reach adulthood at 15. Middle age at 35. Old at 53. Venerable at 80.
Ammolds: Dead at 100

19. Ammolds: Erm is it me or is the server down?
Snugglekins: I just DCd so.
Ammolds: Right
Snugglekins: Well. It's up.
Ammolds: What's up? oh... *backs away*
Snugglekins: It's up, and rock-hard.
Ammolds: bad... visual...

20. Ammolds: Seriously... this one guy is naked in stormwind. Bloody rogues
Ammolds: Well honestly it's wierd to walk around in Stormwind.
Snugglekins: With someone nekkid there?
Ammolds: No, that's regular on Legion.
Ammolds: Someone always gets naked.
Ammolds: Well the good thing is that, on Legion, the girls are the ones running around naked.

21. Ammolds: But eh... Life's a hairy bitch... who doesn't shave.

22. Snugglekins: I've got Half-Life 2, Crysis, and Two Worlds. None of them installed.
Ammolds: heh... if i were you. I'd punch Crysis in the neck.
Snugglekins: I probably will yes.

23. CPU stability tests exe = CPUSTAB.EXE (I'mma stab yo CPU)

24. Ammolds: Right... well the picture is so mezmerisinkly cute that I can't switch it.
you know, I have no idea how to correctly spell that word.

25. Ammolds: ah... kk and add URL and IMG and shit?
Ian: think so
Ammolds: and shit?
Ian: more shit than you can handle
Ammolds: right... that's a lot of shit then

26. Ammolds: patience grasshopper
Ian: NOU
Ammolds: grasshumper*
Ammolds: read, judge and hate
Ammolds: or else...

27. Ian: you gotta have more confidence "ITS A FUCKING GOOD GAME" and i might even believe you
Ammolds: ok... let me try
Ian: alright LAN it is

28. Ian: bring edible substances
Ian: drink would be nice
Ammolds: ok *brings pine logs*
Ammolds: manly food

29. Ian: NOU
Ammolds: *loads SPAS-12* I didn't hear the last, could you repeat that again?
Ian: *sits into tank* NOT GOING TO REAL HOME
Ammolds: *pulls out a C4 triggering remote* mh?
Ian: -aims nuke at you- you heard me
Ammolds: *adds some compound ZERO to the nuke* No one's going to do any existing after you have launched that nuke.
Ian: you are nuts.
Ammolds: no... you are, if you launch that.

30. Ammolds: right...
Ian: what?
Ammolds: bananas
Ian: beans
Ammolds: and BEAF-JERKY

31. Ammolds: heheeeeeeeeeeeeeee *trips, falls, breaks neck*
Snugglekins: Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeheeee. *Comes to funeral.*

32. Roses are red, violets are blue, if you're expecting flowers, sucks to be you.

33. Snugglekins: What shalt we play?
Ammolds: commander farts-a-lot?

34. Snugglekins: I'd just end up storming the turrets, alone, and then yelling "WHAR THA FACK ARE MAH MINIONS?!" "FER WOT THA BLOODY HELL DO I PAY YE FER!" "Yer not paying us." "Oh.."

35. Ammolds: the ending had this lulz twist... imo the rookie, you play... is a niggah
Snugglekins: lol KNEEGROW! Did he die in the end?
Ammolds: no
Snugglekins: PFF
Ammolds: hero ending
Snugglekins: Racism isn't what it used to be.

36. Ammolds: it's just... "hey... we found out where the aliens live... let's go kick some Xenomorph ass... Sir! Do Xenomorphs have asses? Hell if I know."

37. Snugglekins: It's still staring at you. With it's. Black. Eyeless. Sockets.
Ammolds: well maybe the predator looks back, with his glare, shattering the unruly skulls with his glare
Snugglekins: IN YER DREAMS. Skulls are fearless. FEARLESS I TELL YA! FEARLESS!

38. Ammolds: Anyways... it's funny how the predator rips out the aliens mini-head/mouth/jaw/whateverthefuckitis
Snugglek: Tongue.

39. Ammolds: Chasing workers is funny "Ah get away, no... AAARRHG *facehugger meets face*"

40. Snugglekins: Sleepy tiemz. Time to hit the hay.
Ammolds: Don't let the facehuggers bite
Ammolds: oh...kay

41. A non-cursive word for dick:
one eyed-willy
third leg
squirmin herman the one eye'd german

42. Snugglekins: You're retribution.. RIGHT?!
Ammolds: no I rolled pathetic

43. Ammolds: no shield bash
Snugglekins: AWWWW
Ammolds: but eh.... I'd like to see you wave around a shield that's almost bigger than you and seems to be on steroids

44. Ammolds: So I just cleave and THRUST/launch
Snugglekins: THRUST! YEAH!
Ammolds: aye
Ammolds: with a nice bloodspray
Snugglekins: THRUST IT IN! THRUUUUUUUUST! ..we're talking about two different things aren't we?

45. Ammolds: Just Jerk OFF!!!! I'm just sayin'...

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