Friday, October 22, 2010

Hall of Lulz 1.2

"Hall of Lulz" by Ammolds von Lichenstein

The Comedians: Ammolds von Lichenstein aka Arkon the Legend Keeper; Rien "Snugglekins" de Lacosta; Random victim (and possibly his family);
Barathorn; Ian the Gamer aka Iandor; Loonatic; Lhen

1. Snugglekins: YER MOMMA!!!
Random victim: That's vulgar...
Snugglekins: SO'S YER FACE!!!

2. Arkon: I might be able to get a laptop charger, to replace my broken one, from my friends sister. Emphasies on the might.
Barathorn: Flirtation is the key.
Arkon: Hehee... actually she offered to lend it to me so I guess flirtation is not necessary, this time.
Barathorn: Ah but maybe she was flirting and wants a little ride on the Arkon train. xD
Arkon: I don't know if I should laugh or not at this ^^

3. Ammolds: Stop coming to my lane q.q
Iandor: The turret looked like it needed a touch of Pantheon.
Ammolds: Pfft. Your shield looks like it needs to see the inside of your ass.

4. Loonatic: *looks at bear* I'm going to kill you! AHHHHHH!!!!
Ammolds: ^^
Lhen: Scary fellow.
Ammolds: Dwarves are supposed to be scary.
Loonatic: Any short jokes and I will kill both of you.

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