Sunday, October 3, 2010


*fansqueel from the backrow, by the First Person Shooter gamers*
Not the FPS I meant...
FPS... as in frames per second, a term that's widely known by the gamers... right?
Anywho... what about that? Well... if it's low, then you're lagging... if your lagging then you should lower detail level settings in your game for a more fluent game experience... or maybe you like to lag like ass for the sake of pretty graphix? Well which ever is your choice... it involves the detail options.
Well... here's a game that has really been done its job to annoy me.

Rise of The Argonauts

Yea... although this game has a decent amount of face eviscerating action, a decent story and some nice bossfights. It still lacks in its creation.
To be honest, then this game has THE worst "Detail Options", at least compared to the games I've played or seen.
As I started up the game I noticed an obvious lag, that tends to be somewhat normal to me as the nowadays games max or almost max the detail level of the game, by default. So I just started hunting for the Detail Options, I opened up the menu, which was obviously lagging aswell. I finally entered the Detail Options screen and what do I see... Well, I saw nothing. Now at first I thought I'm blind and I should take a closer look to the options menu, the quite nice looking cloudy background... wasn't helping. Anywho, after a bit of searching I noticed that I can only change the resolution of the game from the detail options menu. I then presumed that the detail options must be as a different program in the game folder and as I was eager to kill something I endured the lag for a while. After an hour or so of game progression, that little thorn in my eye, called lag, started to really bug me. So I saved and closed the game to start looking for the Detail Setup program. Right, well guess what... RoTA didn't have that either, now my problem was solved, because there was a "Rise of The Argonauts - Low Detail" game .exe, but still... instead of giving the player an option to tweak the graphix onto a good level, that's best suited for the player, they give you an option to... play the game on the highest setting... or play it on the lowest. Now yes changing the resolution can greatly reduce lag and you could combine the Low or High Detail .exe with the resolution setting to tweak the game, but still the same lag reduction could be done by, for example, turning off Vertical Syncronization or lowering/turning off Shading.

Right, anywho... I guess this was the only game I've had problems with. Now as I mentioned before then there are some games that have a Detail Options program out of the game, which makes tweaking a bit annoying, but still possible.

Ok, one of the biggest advantage for the desktop PC gamers is a flatscreen monitor, which means that they can normally increase a games refresh rate, now that setting works greatly for increasing FPS and allows the player to set a somewhat higher detail level, also a good way to lower lag is to update your computers drivers on a regular basis. The best lag reducing help with driver updating comes, if you are using an NVIDIA graphix card. As they are built with gaming in mind, they post quite frequent updates that increase performance in games, also there are a number of games that were built with this chipset in mind so they tend to be more magnificent when you're playing them with a NVIDIA card.

Well... that's about all for this rant about FPS or erm... lag.


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