Thursday, September 9, 2010

Banner update

Well... updated the banner to a more game related creation. The picture was taken in Oblivion and the lovely models are the infamous bandits: "Cyrodiils 16". Well at least they were infamous.

Enjoy teh skullness


Monday, September 6, 2010

Moldys Opinion - Final Fantasy XIV Online Beta 1/2

Right, as the title suggests, this is a post about Final Fantasy XIV and I'm Capt. Obvious.
Anywho, FFXIV... erm there's not much to say, the game's shiny and I haven't finished downloading the patches yet... *rubs forehead*... ugh... patches. While I must say the annoyingly slow FFXIV official downloader is... annoying... it still can't be compared to the annoyingness of RoM patching.
Also you can use other ways to get the patches for a more quicker download.

After typing all this I'm wondering if there was any point for this, as I could've just posted this after playing FFXIV and then also express my oppinion about the game. Well then... that shall come with a different post.
Well gl and hf to all the FFXIV beta testers.