Wednesday, June 2, 2010

...and they say games are useless.

For my own surprise, The architectural content in Assassin's Creed 2 actually helped me get a B on Art history, mainly the questions I got right thanks to AC 2 were:

A: Describe a palazo(I think I spelled it right)
This one was easy because in AC 2 I have been inside of a palazo(let's go with this). I've seen how it looks like through game so I thought, I'd try to describe what I saw and bam... it was correct... made me chuckle.

B: What was Leonardo Da Vinci like?
Now some of you may be wondering... how did I get this from AC 2, well Leonardo Da Vinci is one of your best friends in the game, he invents new stuff for you and deciphers Codex pages. You've got to give him credit, he gave you silent blade dual-wield *angelic music*
So in other words, I guess Ubisoft made Da Vincis personality in-game as accurate as it was in history.

C: This one was a picture question... a picture of a church in Firenze... now... I didn't remember it's name, but I did remember that I had scaled it many times and that it was in Firenze... 1 out of 2 points is better than nothing.

So, as this was said. Games ARE good for developing your mind and educating you on the fine art of architecture for example. You just have to play the right games.

AvL *salutes*

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