Sunday, December 12, 2010

Moldys Opinion - Final Fantasy XIV Online Beta part 2/2

Right, I promised to say something after I had played the game. Well let's get this over with.

It was shiny, it had the usual kinkyness one can find in a JRPG and well do I really need to say anything else?
Right, I didn't really focus on the game, I tried my best to get interested in it, but as it was in the beta stage, the lag was just HORRIBLEU. Combat looked good, although felt like turn-based combat. The story was... eh... riiight. And the general game look was... shiny.

That's about all I experienced... right before I shotgunned it off my computer.

Moldys Opinion - Space Siege Demo

So... I got bored and decided to try some demos. So here's one of those demos I deemed worthy of my time.

Space Siege Demo

Well, not much to say here. The demo was relatively short. It showed the basic features of the game: combat; destructible objects in the world; upgrade system and some guns.

The combat was ok, it was as good as a hack-n-slash shooter can be.
Then there was the upgrade system. You get scrap from defeated enemies and then use that scrap at the workbenches to create some skill items or upgrade your stats: armor, gun damage and so on.

Now an interesting feature is that you can replace your human limbs with robotic limbs, making you half cyborg. Also, some weapons require you to have some of those robot parts to use them.

A good game and this demo added it to my "To buy" list.

You can find the demo from fileplanet.
RPG/Action RPG

Friday, October 22, 2010

Hall of Lulz 1.2

"Hall of Lulz" by Ammolds von Lichenstein

The Comedians: Ammolds von Lichenstein aka Arkon the Legend Keeper; Rien "Snugglekins" de Lacosta; Random victim (and possibly his family);
Barathorn; Ian the Gamer aka Iandor; Loonatic; Lhen

1. Snugglekins: YER MOMMA!!!
Random victim: That's vulgar...
Snugglekins: SO'S YER FACE!!!

2. Arkon: I might be able to get a laptop charger, to replace my broken one, from my friends sister. Emphasies on the might.
Barathorn: Flirtation is the key.
Arkon: Hehee... actually she offered to lend it to me so I guess flirtation is not necessary, this time.
Barathorn: Ah but maybe she was flirting and wants a little ride on the Arkon train. xD
Arkon: I don't know if I should laugh or not at this ^^

3. Ammolds: Stop coming to my lane q.q
Iandor: The turret looked like it needed a touch of Pantheon.
Ammolds: Pfft. Your shield looks like it needs to see the inside of your ass.

4. Loonatic: *looks at bear* I'm going to kill you! AHHHHHH!!!!
Ammolds: ^^
Lhen: Scary fellow.
Ammolds: Dwarves are supposed to be scary.
Loonatic: Any short jokes and I will kill both of you.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Hall of Lulz 1

The Comedians: Ammolds von Lichenstein; Rien "Snugglekins" de Lacosta; Ian "Raydn" McHunt.

1. Ammolds: "We meet again Mr. Bond."
Snugglekins: WHO YA CALLIN BOND YA LIL' [Censored.]
Ammolds: The British Blocke behind you.
Snugglekins: Oh tha' asshat. OI YE THAR! GIT THA FACK OUTTA ME LAWN.

2. Ammolds: I'd like to see someone swim with a full-plate armor. He'd be a bloody submarine.

3. Ammolds: Well you're quite alone there.
Ammolds: Lonely loner in a lonesome world.

4. Snugglekins: You shouldn't even be able to wear full plate. As it took about three people plus you, to get it on you. Properly attatched and all.
Ammolds: Maybe he uses the magic of the player-controlled cursor and the inventory system.

5. Snugglekins: Going to pay a visit and preform my (not-so) daily sermon in the temple o' shit.

6. Snugglekins: I think I'm going to hate myself for it but I'll put Two Worlds on torrent since I'm just so bleedin' bored.
Ammolds: ...and so... fire rains from the sky and Hell freezes... *starts downloading Two Worlds*

7. Ammolds: Btw, have I linked you the 11 sec vid about the motion capture? Aka pike twirling
Snugglekins: *Shrug.* Pike twiling. *Chuckles.*

8. Ammolds: Oh and isn't she sexy *inserts 4chan* ((FFS, could you give me the 4chan))

9. Ammolds: But seriously... she's hot q.q ((FECK... q.q please))

10. Snugglekins: Oh. Two worlds finished.
Ammolds: Why you little... *strangles you with an Ox*

11. Ammolds: Just as long as he hasn't linked m- erm, I hear... the... hmm... Andraste is calling... *goes to WoW*
Snugglekins: Riiiight.

12. Ammolds: K, I was just being curious
Snugglekins: Curiosity killed the kitteh.
Ammolds: Right after the kitteh had ripped off curiosities balls.

13. Best movie porno titles:
1. ET: The Extra-Testicle
2. District 69
3. The Pursuit of Fappyness
4. Cloudy with a chance of Meat Shafts.
5. Brokeback Mount-him

14. Why is the girl from the last episode so clueless?:
1. Her mom fell down a flight of stairs when she was pregnant with her
2. Is she from Alaska..? That would explain part of it..
3. One word, brain damage
4. She clueless because she bought monopoly instead.
5. Because she be white

15. Ammolds: Prologue Beta Realm? or dev
Snugglekins: Are you a developer?
Ammolds: Yes... I developed my idiocratic mind.
Snugglekins: *Sagenod.*

16. Snugglekins: Stealthing isn't invisibility. IC wise.
Ammolds: Well... erm, vanish is a smokebomb?
Snugglekins: Well yes. BUT. You enter stealt afterwards. When you'd be on an open field. What gives? You can't just randomly turn invisible. In some dense woods or alike. Sure.
Ammolds: Maybe I had a hole ready nearby
Snugglekins: SUUUUUUUUURE.
Ammolds: Or maybe I stepped into a hole that I didn't know was there.
Ammolds: Or maybe the toothfairy came and whisped me away to the land of happy penguins.

17. Ammolds: Am I allowed to be drunk where ever and when ever I want?
Snugglekins: Is a grown man allowed to be drunk where ever and when ever he wants? Of course.
Ammolds: I was just making sure.
Snugglekins: It's a RP server. Not a nazi deathcamp.

18. Snugglekins: Humans reach adulthood at 15. Middle age at 35. Old at 53. Venerable at 80.
Ammolds: Dead at 100

19. Ammolds: Erm is it me or is the server down?
Snugglekins: I just DCd so.
Ammolds: Right
Snugglekins: Well. It's up.
Ammolds: What's up? oh... *backs away*
Snugglekins: It's up, and rock-hard.
Ammolds: bad... visual...

20. Ammolds: Seriously... this one guy is naked in stormwind. Bloody rogues
Ammolds: Well honestly it's wierd to walk around in Stormwind.
Snugglekins: With someone nekkid there?
Ammolds: No, that's regular on Legion.
Ammolds: Someone always gets naked.
Ammolds: Well the good thing is that, on Legion, the girls are the ones running around naked.

21. Ammolds: But eh... Life's a hairy bitch... who doesn't shave.

22. Snugglekins: I've got Half-Life 2, Crysis, and Two Worlds. None of them installed.
Ammolds: heh... if i were you. I'd punch Crysis in the neck.
Snugglekins: I probably will yes.

23. CPU stability tests exe = CPUSTAB.EXE (I'mma stab yo CPU)

24. Ammolds: Right... well the picture is so mezmerisinkly cute that I can't switch it.
you know, I have no idea how to correctly spell that word.

25. Ammolds: ah... kk and add URL and IMG and shit?
Ian: think so
Ammolds: and shit?
Ian: more shit than you can handle
Ammolds: right... that's a lot of shit then

26. Ammolds: patience grasshopper
Ian: NOU
Ammolds: grasshumper*
Ammolds: read, judge and hate
Ammolds: or else...

27. Ian: you gotta have more confidence "ITS A FUCKING GOOD GAME" and i might even believe you
Ammolds: ok... let me try
Ian: alright LAN it is

28. Ian: bring edible substances
Ian: drink would be nice
Ammolds: ok *brings pine logs*
Ammolds: manly food

29. Ian: NOU
Ammolds: *loads SPAS-12* I didn't hear the last, could you repeat that again?
Ian: *sits into tank* NOT GOING TO REAL HOME
Ammolds: *pulls out a C4 triggering remote* mh?
Ian: -aims nuke at you- you heard me
Ammolds: *adds some compound ZERO to the nuke* No one's going to do any existing after you have launched that nuke.
Ian: you are nuts.
Ammolds: no... you are, if you launch that.

30. Ammolds: right...
Ian: what?
Ammolds: bananas
Ian: beans
Ammolds: and BEAF-JERKY

31. Ammolds: heheeeeeeeeeeeeeee *trips, falls, breaks neck*
Snugglekins: Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeheeee. *Comes to funeral.*

32. Roses are red, violets are blue, if you're expecting flowers, sucks to be you.

33. Snugglekins: What shalt we play?
Ammolds: commander farts-a-lot?

34. Snugglekins: I'd just end up storming the turrets, alone, and then yelling "WHAR THA FACK ARE MAH MINIONS?!" "FER WOT THA BLOODY HELL DO I PAY YE FER!" "Yer not paying us." "Oh.."

35. Ammolds: the ending had this lulz twist... imo the rookie, you play... is a niggah
Snugglekins: lol KNEEGROW! Did he die in the end?
Ammolds: no
Snugglekins: PFF
Ammolds: hero ending
Snugglekins: Racism isn't what it used to be.

36. Ammolds: it's just... "hey... we found out where the aliens live... let's go kick some Xenomorph ass... Sir! Do Xenomorphs have asses? Hell if I know."

37. Snugglekins: It's still staring at you. With it's. Black. Eyeless. Sockets.
Ammolds: well maybe the predator looks back, with his glare, shattering the unruly skulls with his glare
Snugglekins: IN YER DREAMS. Skulls are fearless. FEARLESS I TELL YA! FEARLESS!

38. Ammolds: Anyways... it's funny how the predator rips out the aliens mini-head/mouth/jaw/whateverthefuckitis
Snugglek: Tongue.

39. Ammolds: Chasing workers is funny "Ah get away, no... AAARRHG *facehugger meets face*"

40. Snugglekins: Sleepy tiemz. Time to hit the hay.
Ammolds: Don't let the facehuggers bite
Ammolds: oh...kay

41. A non-cursive word for dick:
one eyed-willy
third leg
squirmin herman the one eye'd german

42. Snugglekins: You're retribution.. RIGHT?!
Ammolds: no I rolled pathetic

43. Ammolds: no shield bash
Snugglekins: AWWWW
Ammolds: but eh.... I'd like to see you wave around a shield that's almost bigger than you and seems to be on steroids

44. Ammolds: So I just cleave and THRUST/launch
Snugglekins: THRUST! YEAH!
Ammolds: aye
Ammolds: with a nice bloodspray
Snugglekins: THRUST IT IN! THRUUUUUUUUST! ..we're talking about two different things aren't we?

45. Ammolds: Just Jerk OFF!!!! I'm just sayin'...

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Moldys Opinion - Bioshock

Well... Bioshock.

Ok, lets start. Bioshock is a first person shooter, where you explore the underwater city called Rapture.

Shooting fire and lightning from your fingers and eviscerating your enemies with various weapons. What more could you want?

I had a couple of moments when running back and forth for objectives felt like a frustrating pain in the ass and I just had to take some time off the game, but still despite those points, it's a great game.

Now... I must say... I can mostly agree with the reviews and glorifications about this game. This game truely is awesome and the story is quite long and interesting. The game occupies a quite large portion of your time to complete, but about 80-90% of the time it is totally worth it. Now yes, it technically has replay value, because it has 2 different endings, but it wasn't that good, in my oppinion, to deserve a second playthrough. Maybe later, in the future. Who knows.


Sunday, October 3, 2010


*fansqueel from the backrow, by the First Person Shooter gamers*
Not the FPS I meant...
FPS... as in frames per second, a term that's widely known by the gamers... right?
Anywho... what about that? Well... if it's low, then you're lagging... if your lagging then you should lower detail level settings in your game for a more fluent game experience... or maybe you like to lag like ass for the sake of pretty graphix? Well which ever is your choice... it involves the detail options.
Well... here's a game that has really been done its job to annoy me.

Rise of The Argonauts

Yea... although this game has a decent amount of face eviscerating action, a decent story and some nice bossfights. It still lacks in its creation.
To be honest, then this game has THE worst "Detail Options", at least compared to the games I've played or seen.
As I started up the game I noticed an obvious lag, that tends to be somewhat normal to me as the nowadays games max or almost max the detail level of the game, by default. So I just started hunting for the Detail Options, I opened up the menu, which was obviously lagging aswell. I finally entered the Detail Options screen and what do I see... Well, I saw nothing. Now at first I thought I'm blind and I should take a closer look to the options menu, the quite nice looking cloudy background... wasn't helping. Anywho, after a bit of searching I noticed that I can only change the resolution of the game from the detail options menu. I then presumed that the detail options must be as a different program in the game folder and as I was eager to kill something I endured the lag for a while. After an hour or so of game progression, that little thorn in my eye, called lag, started to really bug me. So I saved and closed the game to start looking for the Detail Setup program. Right, well guess what... RoTA didn't have that either, now my problem was solved, because there was a "Rise of The Argonauts - Low Detail" game .exe, but still... instead of giving the player an option to tweak the graphix onto a good level, that's best suited for the player, they give you an option to... play the game on the highest setting... or play it on the lowest. Now yes changing the resolution can greatly reduce lag and you could combine the Low or High Detail .exe with the resolution setting to tweak the game, but still the same lag reduction could be done by, for example, turning off Vertical Syncronization or lowering/turning off Shading.

Right, anywho... I guess this was the only game I've had problems with. Now as I mentioned before then there are some games that have a Detail Options program out of the game, which makes tweaking a bit annoying, but still possible.

Ok, one of the biggest advantage for the desktop PC gamers is a flatscreen monitor, which means that they can normally increase a games refresh rate, now that setting works greatly for increasing FPS and allows the player to set a somewhat higher detail level, also a good way to lower lag is to update your computers drivers on a regular basis. The best lag reducing help with driver updating comes, if you are using an NVIDIA graphix card. As they are built with gaming in mind, they post quite frequent updates that increase performance in games, also there are a number of games that were built with this chipset in mind so they tend to be more magnificent when you're playing them with a NVIDIA card.

Well... that's about all for this rant about FPS or erm... lag.


Thursday, September 9, 2010

Banner update

Well... updated the banner to a more game related creation. The picture was taken in Oblivion and the lovely models are the infamous bandits: "Cyrodiils 16". Well at least they were infamous.

Enjoy teh skullness


Monday, September 6, 2010

Moldys Opinion - Final Fantasy XIV Online Beta 1/2

Right, as the title suggests, this is a post about Final Fantasy XIV and I'm Capt. Obvious.
Anywho, FFXIV... erm there's not much to say, the game's shiny and I haven't finished downloading the patches yet... *rubs forehead*... ugh... patches. While I must say the annoyingly slow FFXIV official downloader is... annoying... it still can't be compared to the annoyingness of RoM patching.
Also you can use other ways to get the patches for a more quicker download.

After typing all this I'm wondering if there was any point for this, as I could've just posted this after playing FFXIV and then also express my oppinion about the game. Well then... that shall come with a different post.
Well gl and hf to all the FFXIV beta testers.


Friday, August 13, 2010


Ok, some of you might be wondering what happened to the reviews, or just the occasional randomness/fanboy squeel.
Well... summer.
Yes... summer.
I said... summer.
No... not winter.
Summer is my reason, cause and whatnot.
The best time to relax and enjoy all the comforts a couch and a TV can offer. Yes, that would've been something, sitting back on the couch and enjoying some intellectual shows *cough*cartoons*cough*... Well I didn't. I did what I usually do. Play... and occasionally, when my friends applied a little force, I stepped outside. Right, anywho... although yes, I haven't done any reviewing and even any ranting. I have done a load of gaming. In other words. I'm hoping to bring you more in-depth reviews, reviews with pictures, maybe even with videos(Ok I'm pushing it).
Wow, that sounds... great... I know. It's most likely I'll slowly ease into it, if I ever reach that phase.
Anywho, do what I did. Well not sit behind the computer all your summer. Enjoy the summer as much as you can, because it takes freaking long for the next summer to arrive.


Monday, July 26, 2010


Lazyness is a bitch.


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

First E3 for me.

Now, some news, I watched the E3 2010 Ubisoft Press Conference... I didn't feel like watching them all and I'm actually waiting for some word from Bethesda Softworks, but eh... time will tell.

Anywho, I saw a number of good new games coming out around September/October/November. So I suggest going to check the press conference out, it's around an hour and half long, but eh... I don't regret watching it.

To give a little word about it... I'm surprised they are launching a new AC, well not about that, but about the fact that it's gonna have a multiplayer... so now you can go and stab people online. It's probably going to be on the Uplay platform, so I can only suspect that AC: The Brotherhood will also need a constant internet connection.
Also I reeeeaaaaallllllly want the new GRAW. It was... well... it looked... godlike.

So... if you haven't yet, then I suggest checking E3 out and see the awesome yourself
E3 2010 Ubisoft Press Conference

Good luck and have fun


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Reviewish Opinion - League of Legends

Well then... League of Legends or should I say DotA remade. League of Legends was created by the original creators of- *falls asleep*
... mhahhh? Oh right League of Legends. It's a game where you are a "summoner" who's in controll of a Champion. You can choose from a quite wide variety of champions. The game is an online game. So all the action is mainly against other players, just like DotA. Basically, this is the point where the DotA players stop reading this and go check it out, if you haven't already. While all you others who haven't heard anything about DotA or something similar to it, keep reading.
League of Legends or LoL *chuckles* is a team-based MMOPvPG (that's my classification for it at least) , in other words. If you are not a good team player and you have no desire to find out how to work as a team, then this game isn't for you.
Ok, the basics, you... hmm.... I've got an idea...ah... much better. Anywho... This is pretty much how the game looks like... you have 4 champion skills and 2 world skills, plus the recall which is free and without a cooldown, it's used to return to your base, which has a health/mana regen shrine for a quick recovery.
Now, the orange bar under your character stats on the left side is the experience bar, during every game you start off from lvl 1 and can level to 18, with each lvl you gain a stat bonus, plus a skill point per lvl. Now the 6 slot window above the gold amount is your inventory, that contains your purchased items, whether they are potions, gear, or some other magical items.
Now the skill bar, which is in the middle of the screen.
First we have the champion passive which is like a racial to him containing a buff specific to that champion.
Then we have the Q,W,E skills what are the 3 basic champion skills, what again are different on every champion.
The next would be the R skill, like the QWE, this is also different depending on your champ, but this here is the champions ultimate skill.
Next are the D and F skills. These are the world skills you can assign during champion selection and you can unlock these by leveling your Summoner lvl, which comes from the experience you gain from either winning or losing a game, winning obviously grants more exp. There are also the usual donor items, like exp boost and whatnot.
The last would be the B skill, also known as the recall I mentioned earlier.
Btw, the R skills icon was bugged when I made this screen. So that smiley, sadly, ain't normally there. ^^

Ok basically the main idea of the game is to destroy your enemy nexus, which lies in the enemy base, obviously. To reach the nexus you need to use your combat skills, teamwork and the constant waves of minions your nexus spawns to push through the turrets and your enemy champions into the base.
Now, if you are interested in this game and want to know more, then sign up and play the tutorial.
If the tutorial is not enough to explain it all, then I'm always open for questions.

AvL, over and out!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

...and they say games are useless.

For my own surprise, The architectural content in Assassin's Creed 2 actually helped me get a B on Art history, mainly the questions I got right thanks to AC 2 were:

A: Describe a palazo(I think I spelled it right)
This one was easy because in AC 2 I have been inside of a palazo(let's go with this). I've seen how it looks like through game so I thought, I'd try to describe what I saw and bam... it was correct... made me chuckle.

B: What was Leonardo Da Vinci like?
Now some of you may be wondering... how did I get this from AC 2, well Leonardo Da Vinci is one of your best friends in the game, he invents new stuff for you and deciphers Codex pages. You've got to give him credit, he gave you silent blade dual-wield *angelic music*
So in other words, I guess Ubisoft made Da Vincis personality in-game as accurate as it was in history.

C: This one was a picture question... a picture of a church in Firenze... now... I didn't remember it's name, but I did remember that I had scaled it many times and that it was in Firenze... 1 out of 2 points is better than nothing.

So, as this was said. Games ARE good for developing your mind and educating you on the fine art of architecture for example. You just have to play the right games.

AvL *salutes*

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Reviewish Opinion - Assassin's Creed 1 and 2

*stands up*
"Hi, my name is Ammolds and I'm an Assassin's Creed addict."
"Hi, Ammolds!"

Ok, Assassin's Creed 1 & 2

Assassin's Creed
Assassin's Creed is a 3rd person action game with freerunning stabby action. It's like running around with scissors... on rooftops.
The story is that Desmond, an assassin or so is captured by the Templars. The Templars are using Desmond, or erm, his genetic memory to view his ancestors, Altairs life, to find... something, find out what by... I don't know... playing it? Anywho... using a machine called Animus they put Desmond inside his ancestors memories so he could live through them and uncover the... secret. So that's where the game really begins.
The gameplay is fairly fun. Your main objective is to complete 9 assassination missions and watch some unskippable cut-scenes(WOO-FUCKIN'-HOO). The fun parts of the game are obviously the freerunning and assassination(didn't see that one coming, did ya?). The game offers some choice in investigation missions, where you have 6 different missions to choose from and you minimaly have to complete 3... oh wait... you have 6 only with the Directors Cut Edition that I have... bummer. Right, anywho... after those are done you can actually kill your target. The target missions are nicely stuffed with unskippable cut-scenes to increase the pleasure... or erm... nevermind. Weapons.... erm you have 4 main weapons to choose from: your fists, the silent blade(stabby stabby), the shortblade and the sword. In combat against guards or other armed opponents, it's best to use the shortblade or the sword, the slient blade can be used to counter-kill, but not to block and fists... well... you better write your Will before you do something stupid like that. An extra weapon to the base four are the throwing knives they are under the shortblade so when your enemy goes far enough you can throw a blade in his lungs. Well, besides all that there's of course the freerunning/building scaling/misjudging distance and faceplanting 6 feet down movement system.

Assassin's Creed 2
*slaps Ubisoft in the face* You idiots!
Ok now... to save myself from repeating... AC 2 contains the same basic system... with a more advanced build though. Well...the main change with this game is that instead of a repeative "Kill that arseface" gameplay, the story advances with a more interesting course... Now, not to unleash any spoilers here(If ye want spoilers then move yer arse to some page what gives them, lazy fooker) I'm gonna just say that the story is more interesting, has a few "love" moments and is a lot longer. In this episode Desmond goes through the memories of Ezio Auditore La Firenze. The combat has been improved, now with a more smoother system that makes Combo-killing more easier and not that impossible to achive. Also the AI has been made better and more intelligent.
Now the next thing in AC 2 that has improved is the fist-fighting. Instead of the regular beating and blocking like on AC, now you have the counter-attacks, combo-attacks and grab beating(grab and either kick, punch or headbutt your target).Fist-fighting is quite spectacular and now you can also use your silent blades metal wrists to deflect attacks giving you the option of countering or disarming your opponent. Now, the next thing they did was to add a slight vendor system and a wide variety of different weapons: maces, swords, shortblades, iron gauntlets, A FECKIN' GUN(which is so slow that I find it quite useless), throwing knives and smoke bombs(poofstab yo bish) oh and poison, god I love to see that guy wave around like a madman and then just drop dead. I used it on a guard who was carrying an axe, the guy ended up killing 2 of his fellow guardsmen. Well... what else... I feel like I'm missing something... something important. Hmm... or right.
Ubisoft added Assassin's Creed 2 a nice and fluffy protection system that requires you to have a steady internet connection while playing it. *sigh* Will you ever learn? What is the point on putting a system like that into a game, when it's bound to be disabled somehow, now I'd understand if there would be a deep achivement system with it, like. "Pushed 10 guards of a roof to death" or " kicked 5 husbands in the family jewels(you know what I mean)", but no... I think I saw 4 maybe 5 achivements and those were more like Main plot waypoints. Honestly, Ubisoft made this game a worse experience to those who buy it, because those who pirate it, don't need an internet connection to play it... idiots.

Well gl, hf and see you in-game.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Reviewish Opinion - The Elder Scrolls Series

Well, I've been playing The Elder Scrolls for about 4 years now and I must say, Bethesda is one of those companies who actually makes good sequels. Although he takes his time with them.
I've played all the 4 TES episodes and although Arena, Daggerfall and Morrowind were good fun I must say that Oblivion beats them all.

Arena, the first and hence there ain't much there. It's got the base down, but that's about it. There's not much there, compared to the sequels. Arena has the attributes, but no skills. The combat is just waving your weapon at your enemy and hoping for some good hit chance, but I like that you can control how you wave your weapon, kinda makes it feel more real, well maybe. The magic system is there and somewhat decent even. Then again, it's an old game, so what can you really expect. Also night time and darkness has its spookyness, you'll never know what will pop out and eat you for a midnight snack.

Daggerfall also known as Buggerfall, due to it's history of bugs, is worth being called a sequel, the combat has improved, but kept the Arena style and a skill system has been added. The graphics engine has evolved a bit aswell, but still staying at a DOS game level.
Now the combat, it's still that waving your weapon for hope of a hit, but this time, it seems that your hit chance is quite high and you are actually pushing your opponent away from you with each hit. Although that said, they can do the same to you, so it may have a nice backfire effect where you'll just get raped.

Morrowind, a great advancement compared to Daggerfall. Including some actual voiced dialogs, few but they're still there and a beautiful 3D environement, well actually not so much because it's on a volcanic island so it's pretty much dust, ashes, few grass spots, a bit of swamp, a frozen island(with the Bloodmoon expansion) and more dust.
Now the combat, sadly, is still with hit-chance, making combat funny, but also a bit frustrating. Especially since every hit drains your fatigue and the lower your fatigue is, the lower is your chance to hit.
Also it kinda sucked to have a chance to block with your shield and I think that chance is interupted if you hit when it starts to block, making the shield almost useless.
Eventually when you're out of fatigue your enemies can knock you down, which just is a great formula for rape. In other words, pack a load of fatigue potions and just to be sure take some more. Now there's always the option of rolling a mage, now magic is a better choice than melee, with magic you won't have that hit detection nonsense, you fling a spell, if it hits, you'll do damage. Now yes, it drains magicka, but eh, that's what magicka potions are for, right?
And, if you're feeling especially rich you can find a spellcrafting vendor and make some OP spells.
One of the biggest problems in combat might occur when you decide to go for a spellsword. In morrowind you have a ready weapon and a ready spell button, so you have to switch between two modes to fling an axe and pop a heal which might end up with a face full of hurt.
One thing I loved about Morrowind, was the journal system, it stored all your quests and all your dialogs and no, it didn't store dialogs that repeated. So then you could just pop open the journal, and see info about a certain subject, a certain someone, or a quest. Seemed quite usefull. Morrowind is still one of the most popular TES game. It appears to be so because of it's huge amount of quests.

Oblivion, the fourth and currently the last of the TES.
I truely loved its more real, hit detection based combat system, so instead of waving your axe like a madman and hoping to chop your enemy, you can easily swing and smash a face(not actually smash the face, because there's no dismemberment or damaging) if you aim it right. Also now instead of a block chance you can manually block with a shield or a weapon. weapon blocks work good against other weapons, but a shield works great against weapons and arrows.
Ranged. As I mentioned before, the ranged combat in Oblivion has been made useful, in the previous episodes, it relied on hit-chance and turned out to be even more useless than melee. Now in Oblivion there's hope for archery yet. Just like melee, archery relies on hit-detection, so when they start to rain down arrows on you, every arrow that hits, will be visibly seen on you or the target and every hit hurts. the arrows stay on you for some time and after they disappear some may end up in your inventory. Not always all. Now when you shoot an arrow into a tree, for example if you miss your target or you are just practicing. You can go and retrieve it by just picking it up. If you find it. You can't retrieve them like that from corpses, but they may appear in the loot inventory.
Magic. The magic system has been greatly improved. Now instead of being forced to switch between stances, you can simply fling a fireball or heal while you are equipped with your shield and axe.

So I guess this concludes my quick over-view of The Elder Scroll series. Although they do seem to improve with every episode and I for example only count Oblivion a good episode I suggest trying them all and see what you'll like.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The First

Well, a new start I guess.

My gamer nickname's Ammolds von Lichenstein, that would be what the AvL stands for, obviously. I normally use Ammolds or LordAmmolds in games.
Anyways, I'm hoping to update this blog regularly with some gaming tips, hints, reviews, possible rant, maybe some qq (hopefully not) and anything else that might have anything to do with games or gaming.

I've been a gamer for about 6-8 years, I don't remember exactly, but who cares. At first I just had an old Nintendo system, but about 3-4 years ago I switched to the PC, mainly because I fried the Nintendos adapter.

Right, on to blogging then.